Voicemask changes your voice when you use voice-chatting over Internet
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This software has evolved and its developers changed its name to VoiceMask Pro in newer versions. But let's see what this 'old' version can do for you.
VoiceMask allows you to change your voice dynamically when you are chatting on Internet using almost any voice application. VoiceMask can change your voice, so nobody can recognize you, because it will be changed dynamically by modifying its pitch and frequency. Also, you can add echo and background music to your voice.

After installing it, all you have to do is run VoiceMask, click on the Option button on the main window, and adjust the settings in the option dialog tabs:

Frequency Shift tab. This will change your voice's frequency higher or lower. If you move the slider left, system will change your frequency lower and make your voice more like a man. Otherwise, it will make your frequency higher and make your voice more like a woman. The trial version allows you to set the frequency between 85% and 115%.
Equalizer tab. This allows you to equalize your voice, an unnecessary accessory at all.
Echo tab. This has an Echo Enable option. After enabling it, you can adjust echo delay (that will determine the echo delay length. The default value is 300ms) and echo volume (determines the volume of echo. The higher, the stronger the echo will be) sliders.
Music and Skin tab. in the Background Music section, you can type the file path in the edit box, or click the button on the far right, to choose a music file. The software supports only wav and mp3 file formats. The Select skin section is to change the software skin.
Test Voice tab. After setting all parameters, you can test your voice now. If any other application is recording, the Start Test button will be disabled. the Stop test button stops the voice test .

Maybe you must apply some trial and error before you find the settings that fulfill your expectations. But once you get the right ones, you are ready to use your voice over Internet, anonymously.

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  • Innovative
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  • Limited: It works for audio chat apps only
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